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Post by Admin on Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:56 pm

There are times where I really really love trying to make KC more adventurous. Last night I dreamt that we crashed a Burmese wedding, and taking vows in place of the real couple.

Seb reply:What! Why do you get the really sweet, romantic dreams while I get to be chased around with my least favorite fruit.
Sometimes, people think that they are doing you a favor but in reality what they do is just annoying. Here in the town where I am playing, people sometimes throw buckets of water to passers by for good luck. Today, I got one bucketful as I was passing by a window on the way to work

Tonight in my dream, I got two bucketfuls of toilet water. How my dream self knew that it is toilet water I have no idea.

Seb reply: On the way to work?? That's awful! Did you get a chance to go home and change? I think I'd panic if it happened to me...
Kissing someone with six arms
Tonight I dreamt that I was kissing someone with six arms, but I couldn't see his/her face.

I'm not really sure who it is, but I do know the Hindu god Shiva has six arms.

Shiva is the god of destruction according to AskG. Oh. God.

Am I going to be Hannibal Lecter someday?
Seb reply: I don't think you are-- but who is this mysterious six armed figure, hmm? Should I be jealous Wink (just kidding, I know it doesn't always translate over the internet well)
Space concerto
Are there spirits in space?

We participated in a spirit dance yesterday, and I dreamt that I was was dancing that in space. We were dancing on top of a space ship on the way to Vulcan.

Wait. That's not real. Do Vulcans even believe in spirits?


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