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Post by Admin on Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:02 pm

no more bananas
In an effort to take better care of myself I've started trying to schedule some me-time before I go to sleep. You know, movies, indulgent treats, etc. I couldn't get my hands on some popcorn last night, but I figured I'd have a fruit smoothie and catch up on some films I missed over the last few years. But I think it's a better idea in theory than in reality... I woke up several times during the night but EVERY time I went back to sleep it was to the SAME dream of Vin Diesel chasing me with bananas. I think there was something about a banana stand heist too? I don't even know. Most of the dream faded by the time I got on the computer to write this. No more fruit smoothies for me, I think... or at least not so late at night.
(Sarah replies with


I dreamt about the trip to Alabama again, the one where I fell down the bank and my cousin -- who was supposed to be watching me -- went home and told our aunts and uncles that he thought I'd already come home. It's really silly that I can still feel resentful about being left at the bottom of that little hill, holding my knee, until someone came to look for me and told me off -- me!! -- for running away from my cousin and being irresponsible. UGh. There was always someone checking up on me after that outside, even after I joined Girl Scouts and was better able to take care of myself.

need new hobbies
I can't believe I'm honestly searching the web for dream interpretations of bananas.

New neighbors, new dream adventures
I had a really strange dream last night.

Picture this: you see nothing. But somewhere, nearby, you are entirely sure that there is a cranberry bush. I'm not entirely sure how... I don't even really remember what cranberries actually smell like (it's not really a strong scent, right?) but you know how dream logic works. If your brain says something smells like cranberries then it doesn't matter what cranberries smell like or what it actually smells like in the dream... that's what your dream self knows: it smells like cranberries.

Sorry, that was probably convoluted. I swear it makes sense (sorta).

Anyway, I was dreaming about these cranberries and I was trying to reach them. I had my hands out and I kept finding other things -- vanilla, coconut, even grass at one point -- and getting continuously frustrated that I couldn't find the cranberries. It was like someone kept moving everything around me but I couldn't see to find whoever it was (if there was even someone there) or what the right way to go is.

Very frustrating.

When I woke up I smelled a lot of smoke from the neighbors. coincidence?

Sarah replies: It may just be coincidence.
I do really think that one can reach whatever is aiming for if one pushes for it hard enough. You'll get cranberries someday.

Seb Replies: the question is, what are cranberries? (though I do admit to having a certain craving for them now... maybe it's literal this time)

(no subject)
I dreamed that I could teleport anywhere I wanted instantly. My lovely will want to know that the first thing I did was go to see her, but somehow along the way I lost my shoes? Then we were in Cairo again, but somehow I'd lost my shirt?

I can almost see you raising your eyebrows, Christine, but it wasn't THAT kind of dream.

Unless you think it's a dream about finding lost clothes while I'm anxious about where I left my shoes and walking about barefoot. Then you'd be absolutely right about what kind of dream it was.


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